GRAPHIC IMAGES: Dog with large tumour found wandering streets of Mansfield

Rolo after the operation.
Rolo after the operation.

A dog with a tumour ‘the size of a coke can’ is being looked after at an animal rescue centre after being found wandering the streets of Mansfield.

Rolo, the chocolate Labrador, was in a ‘poor condition’ when the East Midlands Labrador Rescue Centre, based in Nottinghamshire, took him in.



The dog, who is believed to be around 8 years old, was found by a council dog warden wandering on Garibaldi College in Forest Town.

He had the large tumour removed from the back of his neck on Sunday.

Wendy Hopewell, head volunteer at the Labrador rescue centre, said the dog was in an “extremely poor condition” when they first took him in on Friday.

She thinks it is “despicable” that something had not been done about the tumour already.



Wendy said: “I have never seen anything like that before.

“He can’t have not been in pain, the tumour was the size of a can of coke.

“As a nation of animal lovers, I can’t believe the dog was left like that.”

He was initially found by a Mansfield District Council dog warden just over a week ago, and had to be kept in a holding kennel for seven days until the centre could take him in.



“I’m disgusted the council didn’t do anything about it (the tumour) either... it didn’t even seem to have been cleaned,” Wendy said.

“It’s not about money or having the resources, it’s just about human kindness.”

The Labrador rescue centre managed to raise money through donations to pay for Rolo to get the tumour removed at Ruddington Veterinary Centre

He is now in ‘quality care’, where he will be looked after in a house until he is well enough to be re-homed.

Wendy added: “Rolo is just the nicest dog. He is no trouble at all and has been fabulous for his carer.”

Mansfield District Council has now launched a review of its dog control services following the incident.
Hayley Barsby, the council’s deputy CEO, said the dog was microchipped and the owners were registered at an address on Forest Road in Clipstone.
She said the council tried to call the number registered to the chip and left a message.
The Dog Control Officer also the called to the address but nobody was in so they issued a ‘formal seizure notice’, which tells the owner that the council has picked up their dog and they need to get in touch with the council.
The deputy CEO said: “No one from the address contacted the council.
“It is not possible to know for certain if the dog’s microchip details are correct without contact with the people registered on the chip as owners.”
NEGLECTED DOG: Mansfield council responds to care of ‘Rolo’ the Labrador