Grandmothers’ warning over ‘smoking’ gadget

Shawn Harris, 9, and his faulty microphone.
Shawn Harris, 9, and his faulty microphone.

A Mansfield grandmother is warning against buying gadgets abroad after her grandson’s present goes up in ‘black smoke’.

Linda Harris, 61, of Smith Street, Mansfield, was left ‘frightened’ after her grandson's phone gadget started smoking when plugged in.

Linda said she threw the microphone belonging to her grandson Shawn out of the window and said she was concerned it could have started a house fire.

The gadget was brought by one of Shawn’s relatives when they went abroad to Turkey.

She said: “It could have caused an house fire.

“I asked Shawn what it did and he plugged it into my phone, the next minute there was black smoke.

“Shawn tried to turn it off but he burnt his finger.

“We threw it through the bedroom window.”

Linda has said her phone was not affected by the incident which happened on Wednesday, January, 3.

She has also said the gadget survived the fall and is still flashing.

She said: “I am warning people not to buy them.

“It frightened me to death. It shows how dangerous toys are when they are not from proper manufacturers.”

Because the toy has no manufactures mark we are unable to get a quote from the maker.

However, Linda has said that it came in a brown box with English and Chinese instructions.