Gran’s headstone plea for tragic baby

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A Mansfield grandmother is hoping to raise £2,000 to help pay for her grandson’s headstone, after suffering a still birth.

Karen Hill, 46, is a full time care worker and says that neither she nor her family can afford to buy ‘such a precious memory’.

The baby was named Regan-Jac and was born three months premature, weighing only 1lb 11oz.

She said, “I don’t earn much money, and I just want my little munchkin to have a nice place to rest.”

The mother was admitted to Kings Mill Hospital on Thursday 21st March after concerns that she couldn’t feel her baby moving.

After several tests, it was found that Regan-Jac had no heartbeat and had passed away.

Help has since come calling for Karen, as local shops and the leisure centre have opened a pot to help raise money for the grandmother of seven.

Karen has been overwhelmed by the support she and her daughter have received, after suffering one of the worst weeks of their lives.

She said, “I just want to thank everybody who has shown their support to us.

“The midwives and nurses that took care of us were absolutely fantastic. Marilyn Fonden who owns Angel Children in Kirkby has also been brilliant with us, as has Danny Harvey who offered to come and film the funeral for us for free, and finally Bramleys Funeral Directors and our friend Ashley Patworth,”

If you would like to make a donation, please contact 07460871200.