Graham Allen MP’s New Year Message

After a busy year in Parliament I am looking forward to spending some quality time over the festive period with my family and friends back in my home patch. From badgers to blacklisting, lobbying to OFSTED, this year has been jam packed.

Some particular highlights for me this year have been the investment from the government in Basford Hall campus, the soldiers who served on the arctic convoys at long last receiving medals, organising a debate on blacklisting, and the Early Intervention Foundation finally becoming a charity – to name just a few!

I’ve received hundreds of letters from concerned constituents about everything from food banks to energy bills, and I know all too well that this government’s cuts are hitting hard for people in Nottingham North.

If you have any elderly neighbours, please check in on them this Christmas, and make sure that they’re okay. At a time of austerity, its important the community comes together to look after the most vulnerable.

Happy new year to all my constituents – I look forward to representing your interests in parliament in 2014-the year before the General Election