Government minister scraps Derbyshire wind farm plans

Hardwick Hall.
Hardwick Hall.

Plans to build a wind farm near Hardwick Hall have been scrapped by a powerful Government minister.

Roseland Community Windfarm (RCW) had applied to construct six 126.5-metre-high wind turbines on land around Roseland Wood, Scarcliffe, close to the 16th century building.

RCW lodged an appeal after the plans were rejected by Bolsover District Council in April 2012.

The proposals have now been thrown out by the Secretary of State.

Harry Bowell, director of Midlands for the National Trust, said: “We felt that the location of these wind turbines was inappropriate and would have a significant impact on the historic setting of Hardwick Hall.

“As a trusted guardian of places of historic interest and natural beauty, the National Trust has a fundamental duty to avoid inappropriate development which could compromise special landscapes and heritage assets.”

He added that renewable energy schemes like wind farms should be built in appropriate locations.

The Secretary of State concluded that the “adverse impacts of the scheme would significantly and

demonstrably outweigh the benefits”, stating there would be “appreciable harm to visual amenity”.