‘Good morning dad;I’ve won an Oscar’

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A SUTTON dad is celebrating the ‘unbelievable’ Oscar awarded to his special effects expert son.

Bernard Bebb got a text message from 35-year-old Peter in the early hours of Monday saying he had scooped one of film’s greatest prizes.

Peter was part of a four-man team which flew to Los Angeles for the Academy Awards after being nominated for work on the blockbuster Inception.

It was the second time in two months he has walked away from a red carpet with a top gong after the team won a Bafta for the same film.

Retired Bernard, of Cosgrove Avenue, said: “A few weeks ago Peter called me and said ‘dad I’ve got some news, I’ve been nominated for a Bafta and an Oscar’.

“I couldn’t believe it then, that was just was wonderful.

“Then at 3.15am on Monday morning he sent me a text message saying ‘dad I’ve won a bloody Oscar’, then I was watching him on TV on BBC news.”

Peter, a computer-generated special effects expert, worked on the film as part of his job at London-based Double Negative.

He worked his way to the top of the industry after developing an interest in design and computers, bagging a first job as a ‘runner’ on film productions.

Inception, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, featured special effects which beat off competition from four other films.

Parts which feature the skills of Peter’s team include a stunning sequence showing a Paris street folding in on itself.

Bernard, and Peter’s step mum Carole, still get visits from Peter, despite his busy schedule.

Added Bernard (69): “He always said his hobby is his job which is something great.

“He’s always been interested in the field and now he’s reached the top of the tree.

“He started working on pictures quite quickly after he left university, when he was about 22.

“He moved to London and started off as a runner in the film industry, and got a job with Double Negative which I suppose was his big break.”

Peter was originally brought up in Staffordshire and is the youngest of a group which includes a brother and sister and a half-brother and half-sister.

Added Bernard: “He’s worked on a lot of films including the recent James Bonds and the earliest I can remember him doing was Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.

“I can remember when it was on at the cinema; we sat in the theatre and watched his name come up in the credits.”

Before the ceremony Peter was quoted as saying: “It feels great and it’s a real honour to be nominated.

“It’s a real testament to all the hard work and effort the team put in.”

Peter graduated from the University of Wolverhampton in 1996 before landing the job in London.

Other major films to feature his skills include Batman Begins and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Released last year, Inception stars DiCaprio as a spy who secretly steals valuable commercial information from his targets while they are dreaming.

Peter, along with Paul Franklin, Chris Corbould and Andrew Lockley, came out on top among nominees which included Iron Man 2 and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.