Golden-era focus for new football ‘annual’

Andrew Dolloway with his latest book about the 1966 World Cup. ''Picture: Sarah Washbourn
Andrew Dolloway with his latest book about the 1966 World Cup. ''Picture: Sarah Washbourn

A Mansfield author has promised to take fans on a nostalgic trip into English football’s golden era with his latest publication.

Andrew Dolloway, who last year published his first book about his beloved Nottingham Forest, has now switched his attention to the state of the national game in the 1950s and leading up to England’s greatest triumph - winning the 1966 World Cup.

The book takes snippets from a monthly magazine launched in the 1950s by ex Sunderland player turned journalist, Charles Buchan.

As a groundbreaking publication, it capitalised on the re-emergence of football after the war and boom years of the 50s and subsequent 60s.

Andrew, who runs his own publishing company, was asked by the firm which own sthe rights to the old magazine to produce a book using the archive material.

Despite coming hot on the heels of arguably England’s embarrassing major tournament exit this summer, 58-year-old Andrew says it is simply not another misty-eyed look back at the ‘66 heroes.

He said: “It picks up after 1950, when England were beaten by the Americans at the World Cup and there’s great talk about a lack of skills and tactics, so you could say not much has changed today.

“It’s an examination of English football and anyone with a passion for football and its history will love it -it’s not just another book about Bobby Moore.

“We’re really pleased with it, we’ve had some good feedback already from sports writers who have seen it.”

Named ‘Charles Buchan’s Football: The Road to Wembley 1966’, it is full of articles and analysis from back in the day, colour photographs and even old adverts involving players.

The full colour book has been put into annual format and costs £17.99.

It is available online at Amazon, or in WH Smith and Waterstones.