Go shopping at Four Seasons shopping centre and help your school

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Time is running out for shoppers in Mansfield to exchange their receipts for points in the ‘Shop for Schools’ scheme running at the Four Seasons shopping centre.

Since 24th March customers have been exchanging their receipts from the stores at Four Seasons for points to support their local schools, but the scheme finishes on Tuesday.

The competition for the top spot has been close throughout the campaign.

Pupils have been attending the free Musical Madness B:Club events in centre, as well as topping up their points by shopping on Sundays and bank holidays, where triple points are awarded.

Bonus points vouchers have also been printed in Chad each week, including the voucher on this page which can be used until 24th April. This week’s bonus voucher is offering 100 bonus points for shoppers in the centre.

The school that finishes with the most points will be awarded £3,000 to spend on school equipment of their choice, while the runner-up will receive £1,000.

The 30 local schools involved in the scheme will each receive a music kit in line with the Government’s national plans for music education.

For more details on all the events taking place in the centre visit Four Seasons.