Gloria De Piero’s MP Column: Kirkby Post Office is a success story

I couldn’t begin this week’s column with anything else. I’m sure lots of readers will know I’ve spent the last two years moaning, shouting, arm twisting and quite frankly being a constant pain in the backside of bosses so I’m delighted that the new permanent branch in Kirkby has finally opened its doors.

At times it felt like we were never going to get there and I’m really grateful to everyone who has been in touch with me – together we’ve got our Post Office back.

It just goes to show why you should never give up and roll over.

Unfortunately I can’t help thinking that sometimes we don’t always seem to get a fair deal compared to more leafy areas of the country.

Not long ago I found out that the Ashfield House Practice is to close its branch surgery at 37 Diamond Avenue, although I’m assured their main surgery at Ashfield House in Annesley will continue.

I’d love to hear from anyone who uses it to get in touch and let me know how the loss of this service will affect you so I can take up your concerns.

Finally, I recently received a letter from a chap in Skegby who told me about an out of control dog which had knocked him off his feet! He made the point that we need to do more to tackle dangerous dogs and I found myself agreeing with him wholeheartedly.

We do need tougher laws to control dangerous dogs, and I’d like to see Ministers introduce a Dog Control Notice which would really give the police and the council the powers they need to tackle dogs which are out of control BEFORE they attack - that might mean a muzzle or keeping a dog on the lead at all times.

It’s a power that exists in Scotland, and they are introducing it in Wales too. Why should people who live in England have fewer protections? The short answer is we shouldn’t.