Gloria De Piero’s MP column: Horsemeat scandal gives welcome boost to local butchers

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THE horsemeat fiasco has made us all feel a bit queasy. Many of the ready meal manufacturers and the supermarkets are in the firing line.

One positive to come out of all this will be that we return to buying meat from our local butchers. Kevin, owner of K & R Else Butchers on Lowmoor Road, Kirkby, says he has noticed a big increase in sales over the last month: It’s also good news for those people who cook their own food rather than rely on the ‘prick, prick’ and a ping of the microwave to deliver a ready meal. There’s a lesson in this for all of us.
King’s Mill Hospital has been in the headlines again after it was reported that the trust had higher than average mortality rates.

I was talking to Jim Grundy who is the Vice and Acting Chair at Ashfield Homes about the so called bedroom tax.

It means if you live in social housing with one or more ‘spare’ bedrooms and are of working age, you will be asked to downsize or pay more for your rent from April– fair enough you might say.

But as Jim pointed out, the devil is in the detail. In reality it will affect separated parents who share the care of their children and who have been given an extra bedroom, couples who use their spare bedroom when recovering from illness, foster carers because foster children are not counted as part of the household, families with disabled children and disabled people living in adapted or specially designed properties. In total 750 households will be affected in this area and if you’re one of them or just concerned then please get in touch with my office.

I know people will be concerned and anyone who wants me to raise the case of a loved one with hospital bosses should contact me. I am pleased that there’s going to be an independent inspection because Ashfield deserves the best healthcare available.

I read in last week’s Chad that hospital chiefs have said we have no need to be afraid and I that steps have already been taken which have resulted in improvements. I’ll be monitoring the situation closely.