Gloria De Piero: Pressing issues

MP Gloria De Piero
MP Gloria De Piero

May I, through your pages, congratulate Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero on her promotion to Equalities Minister in the Shadow Cabinet.

I had obviously underestimated her talents previously for which I apologise to the lady, as it seems that she now has the responsibility to be able to pontificate on matters of huge national significance such as the gender make up of television quiz teams.

Perhaps when she has solved this really pressing television problem she could then give the same determined focus to some of those other great national anomalies of gender inequality, such as the England cricket team , the Manchester United football team and the men’s Downhill Bobsleigh team.

However to digress slightly, just as I was penning this congratulatory note to Ms. Piero another bit of good news hit the airwaves regarding equalities, and it would appear that I also have to congratulate Ed Milliband, who has now made it a Labour party policy to have half of any future Cabinet to be composed of women.

Well, thank goodness he has finally seen sense and will not have to rely on talent, knowledge or experience for people to rise to high office in his government, how much simpler a system it will be for the only qualification to be an accidental distribution of chromosomes.

So well done Labour, keep up the good work and who knows, before the election you may yet come up with another barnstorming policy idea, which by my reckoning would make it two…

Barry Martin

Forest Town.