Gloria De Piero MP column: Working to secure jobs in Ashfield

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Sadly supermarket giant Morrisons have been in the news lately after announcing staff are being consulted on job losses, which could hit over 2,600 management roles in 511 stores across the country.

There’s two stores in our patch, including one in Kirkby and one near my house in Eastwood. I’ve already contacted the chief executive’s office to ask what sort of impact this will have locally and how they plan to support staff through this difficult time and I’ll be fighting to keep jobs in the area and make sure anybody affected is given an opportunity to transfer.

If you are worried or want some advice then my office can help and will always treat it confidentially.

I was shocked when health bosses contacted me following an investigation into the former Pantiles Medical Centre which found that details on childhood vaccinations for around 50 Sutton kids have gone missing.

I’d be furious! I’ve already been in touch with the NHS to get raise my own concerns and attempt to get to the bottom of this and I’ll keep any parent who gets in touch in the loop of the information I get.

HMRC have been up to their old tricks again by hounding a poor bloke from Sutton for over two years for unpaid income tax, over £4,000 and which turned out to be completely wrong. Having the taxman on your back would give most people sleepless nights especially when you were being chased for such a large sum of money.

When I looked into the case, not only did he not owe a penny, HMRC actually owed him cash, £800 to be precise because of a tax OVERPAYMENT. Incredible. I’m pleased to say that not only is he now sleeping better, but he’ll also be financially better off when he receives a cheque as compensation.

Wonga. Where do I even start? You may have heard about the payday lender sending out fake lawyers’ letters to people who were in arrears threatening legal action.

They even went to the trouble of drawing up bogus letterheads from made up firms when no such businesses existed. Then to top it off there’s evidence they added charges to people’s accounts to cover the ‘admin’ fees for the letters their own staff wrote.

Despicable behaviour. If you think you are one of the 45,000 people affected then get in touch with my office immediately.