Gloria De Piero MP column: We will take tough action against anti-social behaviour

MP Gloria De Piero
MP Gloria De Piero

I get so angry when residents tell me of their suffering from anti-social behaviour.

Whether its noisy and inconsiderate neighbours who need sorting out or aggressive and nasty yobs, one thing is for certain - it makes people’s lives a misery and no one has the right to do that.

One retired couple from Sutton have just won a six month long battle with a neighbour, who together with a group of youths, had been terrorising them in the flat they lived in.

I was absolutely delighted when I heard the news because Mr & Mrs Harvey have been to hell and back.

They are a lovely couple and I’m made up that they finally have the peace and quiet they deserve and can relax in the comfort of their own home after the ringleader was evicted by Ashfield District Council.

I’d like to say a big thank you to council leader Chris Baron and Coun Steve Carroll, who have been instrumental in the case and without their efforts it probably wouldn’t have been possible. Cheers guys!

In this job you help people of all ages and walks of life but it just so happens that over the last week, two of the best results I’ve had have been for pensioners.

A gentleman from Kirkby, aged 75, was at his wits end after a massive electric bill landed on his doormat – who wouldn’t be.

The complication arose after having his meter changed and as a last resort he turned to me for help.

Luckily after four years in the job I’m well used to the ins and outs of cases like this and they are often easily resolved if I get involved.

This was no different and after getting in touch with bosses at British Gas to explain that it was in fact their mistake they have since backtracked and handed over £1,000 back to the very happy pensioner.

Last week I welcomed the news that overall unemployment in Ashfield had fallen BUT that doesn’t mean the Government can afford to be complacent. Far from it. You only have to take a closer look at the stats for Ashfield to see there are areas that should set alarm bells ringing for ministers.

At the last count over 763 women were looking for a job in Ashfield and that is still higher than when the Coalition came to power.

If you scratch away at the surface you’ll find that 205 of those women have been signing on at the Job Centre for over a year – up by a whopping 128 per cent since the last election.

It’s a crying shame for each and every one of these women and their families and a complete waste of talent. Quite frankly Ashfield women deserve much, much better.