Gloria De Piero column: Working to give all Ashfield a fair chance

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Kirkby man John Vanaman wrote to me a few weeks ago after his son Joseph (20) was told he wouldn’t be allowed to compete in the forthcoming disabled golf open because of a European Disabled Golf Association ruling which didn’t recognise Autism.

I immediately pressed the president of the organisation and lobbied for a change in the rules but was disappointed with the initial response– but then they performed a remarkable U-turn. John’s dad told me this week that learning difficulties have now been recognised and as a result Joseph can now look forward to competing at the Disabled Golf British Open over August 28th & 29th.

He’s goes with one major result in the bag and I’ll certainly be rooting for him as he looks to bring the trophy back to Kirkby. Come on Joseph!

WARNING – I’ve just received a tip off about a dodgy company pretending to be from Age UK calling on pensioners and claiming to have a special adviser in the area who can pop round and carry out a full financial check in order to help avoid paying any future care home fees.

There’s the old adage that if something sounds too good to be true then it’s usually because it is. If you do spot anything suspicious then contact the police and my office straight away.

What’s more, if you have fallen prey to con artists like these please don’t be embarrassed to come forward. Help will always be on hand.

Finally regular readers of the Chad will know that in recent months residents of Alfred Street, in Kirkby, have been fighting a long running battle with a couple of neighbours from hell.

It’s no exaggeration to say these yobs made a number of families lives a misery during their reign of terror on the street.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - I’ll never tolerate anti-social behaviour in Ashfield and neither should anyone else.

It might have taken longer than anyone involved in the case would have liked but I’m absolutely delighted to say that those responsible have been kicked out once and for all. It’s a victory for common decency.