Gloria De Piero column: I want changes to stop new immigrants accessing benefits for first six months

Gloria de Piero in her office at Westminster.
Gloria de Piero in her office at Westminster.

Many of you tell me that you have real concerns about the impact of immigration and I agree it’s time certain rules are toughened up.

I’m calling for changes so new migrants can’t claim benefits for the first six months. We should also stop people sending child benefit and tax credits to pay for kids who do not live in the UK.

I also want to see a ban on agencies and employers advertising jobs solely abroad. We should double the fine on employers who flout minimum wage laws too.

Non EU Immigration needs to be controlled better too with people counted in and out and a crackdown on illegal immigrants by reintroducing finger print checks and closing the loopholes on short-term student visitor visas. Every firm that hires from outside the EU should have to train up a UK apprenticeship so we are developing the skills here rather than just recruiting from overseas.

And finally it should be a requirement for all publicly funded, public facing workers to speak English. So when people claim we can’t do anything about immigration, we can and these changes would help make it fairer for people in Ashfield and for fair to those who do come over here.

My job is about doing the right thing and standing by the side of my constituents when they need me. I recently secured a great win for a couple from Sutton, who had worked hard and saved hard, paying over £2,000 for two new settees from a well-known national retailer. Just as one sofa arrived they were told by the firm that they wouldn’t get the other matching sofa as it was now out of stock.

As you can imagine – they were less than impressed, especially after customer services didn’t really get what their problem was.

They decided to turn to me for one last throw of the dice and I immediately contacted the boss who apologised and not only gave the couple a full refund but also let them keep the existing sofa as a gesture of goodwill. If you’ve got any of your own consumer horror stories then let me know.

There’s few more important things in Ashfield than our local hospital, King’s Mill. So, now is your chance to have a real say in how it is run, look after the interests of the community and to hold bosses to account. 

Last week the Trust launched an election campaign to recruit two people to their Council of Governors from Ashfield.

To stand for election you must be a member of the Trust but joining is simple and can be done online at, by calling 01623 622515 ext 3570 or by emailing Nomination forms to stand for election must be received by the Returning Officer no later than 5pm on Monday 15 September. Go on, give it a go.