Gloria De Piero column: I am full of admiration for Patches Heart Group

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Last week I had the pleasure of meeting three amazing women - Maria, Michelle and Rachel, who help run Patches Heart Group in Sutton, which offers parent to parent support to families of children who have heart conditions.

The stress and worry of having a child with a serious heart condition is something that no parent wants want to deal with alone. Yet mum Maria Linfield found that help was not immediately on hand and decided to take action into her own hands by setting up a support group and it’s been a godsend to families across Britain ever since.

The three women are real community champions and I was so impressed by all that they do to help others. Patches operates out of the Ashfield Voluntary Action office on Fox Street and there’s a 24 hour helpline too on 07960868843. Help spread the word.

 Community spirit is at the heart of everything good that happens in Ashfield and there’s no better example than the recent Fareshare and Trussell Trust food collection campaign held in conjunction with Tesco.

I popped down to the local Express store on Alfreton Road and donated while I was doing my shopping. The large collection point was already overflowing and I’ve just been told by organisers that, thanks to the generosity of customers and staff, they collected enough food to provide 217 meals to those most in need in Ashfield this summer.

Sadly this collection was very much needed because of the huge surge in the number of people relying on food banks. The Government should be ashamed that in the sixth richest country in the world people are having to queue for food. It’s great that we are doing our bit to look out for those who need our support.

Several residents who live on the new Persimmon & Morris Homes estate at Annesley Cutting got in touch with me because they were so fed up with the state of the unfinished roads along Owston Road and Lacey Grove. Hardly surprising really.

When you buy your dream new home you’d like everything else to be up to scratch as well. What really got on their nerves was the fact that they’d been trying to resolve this themselves since April but neither firm seemed to take responsibility.

I contacted both a few weeks ago and Morris Homes has now confirmed that they will work with a contractor to complete the surfacing work as soon as possible. I’ll be keeping a close eye on it to make sure they do just that.

Enjoy the sunshine!