Global appeal to clean up Mansfields

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Groups in Mansfield and across the globe have already signed up to be part of International Clean Up Mansfield Day, set to take place in June.

Mansfield Primary Academy and the 4th Mansfield Woodhouse Scout Group are among those who will be taking part in this award-winning event, which seeks to bring communities together to improve the environment.

They will be joined by Mansfield Outdoor Centre in Ontario, Canada and groups in Mansfield, Pennsylvania, who are also keen to be involved.

International groups are invited to take part again this year along with local schools, community groups, businesses and individuals. All participants will be considered for an award.

Environment chief at Mansfield District Council, Coun Philip Shields, said: “We want everyone to get involved with this amazing day, which not only improves our local environment, but encourages communities to work together to show that they really care about where they live and work.

“Last year, more than 306 bags of rubbish were collected by hundreds of volunteers.”

To register, visit and complete the online form.