Glass recycling boxes to be replaced with wheelie bins in Ashfield

Glass recycling
Glass recycling

Glass recycling boxes will be replaced with a wheelie bin, Ashfield District Council has announced.

The blue wheelie bin will have a 140 litre bin, with capacity increasing from the 44 or 55 litre box, however bin collections will be reduced.

Collections, which will start from Monday September 25, will move from a four weekly collection to every eight weeks due to the bigger size of the wheelie bin.

Until then residents should put out their boxes as normal.

A council survey found that 59 per cent of respondents agreed with the proposal to replace the blue box with a wheelie bin,

The council has admitted the boxes are a “barrier” to people using the service due to their weight when full after receiving complaints from residents.

Councillor Tim Brown, portfolio holder for waste and environment said: This change means that a currently under used service can hopefully be utilised to its full potential. The new bins will be a lot easier to move, won’t leak like the current boxes, are safer for storing glass and have an increased capacity.

"Currently nine per cent of properties use the scheme every four weeks, by collecting very eight weeks, using a bin that is easier and safer to fill we hope that this will be considerably increased.”

New bins will be delivered by the end of August and residents will be able to share bins with neighbours if they wish to do so.

Coun Brown said:”We know people might not have room for all their bins or will not produce as much waste as their neighbours so if they would prefer to share a bin they just need to contact us.”