Glapwell Carnival hit by heavy rain

ORGANISERS of the revived Glapwell Carnival were left disappointed on Sunday as heavy and persistent rain meant the cancellation of many of its attractions and forced performing artists inside.

The event, which used to be held on August bank holiday and was popular in the 1970s and 1980s, was re-launched by Glapwell Community Development Group at the weekend.

Crowds of people were forced off the Glapwell cricket ground venue by the torrential downpours to watch live music acts and drama groups at the Rowthorne Lane Miners’ Welfare.

Rachel Hibbert, of Glapwell Community Development Group, said the day was an ‘absolute disaster’ but organisers managed to salvage some of it. “It is a real shame. We have just managed to break even and pay everybody. We had to cancel a lot of things, like the rodeo, gladiators, space hoppers and inflatables,” she said.

Rachel added that, despite the poor weather, the parade was a success. “People came out of their houses and stopped their cars to watch - it was very well received. It was quite emotional when you heard the band playing.

“People were just glad of being warm and dry and the acts that performed were excellent so the atmosphere was great. I would like to say a big thank you to everybody who helped,” she said.

The community development group chairman said the carnival used to draw some big celebrity names, including Diana Dors, who once opened the popular community event, and she hoped it would bring the community together once more in the village.

She added: “People gave us great feedback and said we should keep going.”