Giving locals a decent home

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In his letter in last week’s Chad, Councillor Smart doesn’t seem to understand facts in suggesting that council house sell-offs are to blame for the housing crisis.

Due to mass influx of people coming to Britain in a short space of time, there are more people than we can accommodate in Britain. Ownership of the housing stock is immaterial, whether private rented, housing association, council housing, etc. Official figures show 2.1 million immigrants have come between 2001/2011 and 3 million migrant workers who need housing, schooling and health care. Labour openly regret their open door policy and all political parties are changing tack as debate on this matter has now surfaced due to voters expressing their concerns and the European elections this May.

Regarding my houses, I worked to put money into property for my pension because Labour decimated millions of people’s pensions throughout Britain.

I chose not to drink, smoke,travel or do expensive hobbies – I do not criticise people for choosing a different lifestyle to me – that’s their choice - but at least I am doing a bit to give local people a decent home for rent.

County Councillor Stephen Garner

Mansfield South