Give Becky the best

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I GUESS our wondergirl Rebecca Adlington had that sinking feeling when she failed to win gold again in the Olympic pool, but to the people of Mansfield she will always walk on water!

For her to win two bronzes isn’t that bad is it? We really must give Becky the biggest and best possible welcome home when she comes back to us.

The 2008 civic reception and open top bus tour was a success but can be improved on this time round surely!

As another reader said in a recent letter it did go a bit flat when the bus parked up at the old town hall. How about a community picnic in her honour at Carr Bank park with musical entertainment provided by our other golden girls, Cantamus?

If we talked nicely to our local much-loved rockstar Alvin Stardust I am sure he could be persuaded to come along with that famous guitar of his and give us a song or two.

Perhaps I’m pushing it, but to top it off I reckon media personality Richard Bacon would love to come home and act as compere.

It would be great to hear from Becky and those who have personally supported her, particularly her lovely mum and dad.

It would certainly be a day to remember for Becky and all her fans, and it’s only what she deserves isn’t it?

If she is feeling a bit down in the dumps I am sure such an event like this will lift her spirits. So come on Mr Eggigton lets do it!


Ladybrook Lane,


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