Gingerbread 'people' ... Mansfield is going nuts

Gingerbread men or people?
Gingerbread men or people?

I went into the Pound Bakery on Market Place, Mansfield, last week and I asked for three gingerbread men for my grandchildren.

The lady behind the counter said we don't have gingerbread men.

And I said what are those then, pointing to the gingerbread men and she said they are gingerbread people.

I said the world has gone nuts.

I blame the snowflakes for trying to change a traditional thing - it's crazy.

They are trying to make gender mutual change happen and it won't work.

By Mick Kozlowski, 64, from Mansfield.

Pound Bakery has confirmed it is calling what is traditionally know as gingerbread men as gingerbread people.

A spokeswoman said: "It is 2018 and it is about equality."