Ghostly tour of Sutton’s Idlewells shopping centre uncovers people from the past

THERE was an opportunity to find out about the people who lived on the site of Sutton’s Idlewells shopping centre at a recent paranormal event.

The Ashfield paranormal investigation team TAPIT led the over-night ghostly tour, which took place on 26th October.

Participants found out about the Idlewells, the community that lived in the area in the 19th Century before the shopping centre was built.

One of the most notorious spirits, who is said to still haunt the centre, is Louisa Gregory, a corpse collector at this time.

Local history expert Darron Ellis said: “Louisa was quite a character. Her home stood where Peacocks now stands so it’s hardly surprising she has been spotted there.

“Louisa was known as the witch of Idlewells due to her job and the mystery that surrounded her. It was said that if Louisa knocked at your door, death would soon follow.”

As part of the tour, the group looked around the indoor market, the eerie basement carpark and the centre itself, which mirrors the streets of the Idlewells.

The event raised £270 which will be distributed between TAPIT, Sutton Town Centre Group and John Eastwood Hospice.

Centre manager Andrew Wraight said: “The paranormal night was a great success. Everyone had a good time and we are glad, as with all of our events, that we get to give back to the community. Even in the times of Louisa Gregory, the Idlewells was said to be the hub of the community and we aim to be for many years to come.”