Gemma follows family footsteps

IT may seem like an unusual career choice for a young woman, but funeral directing is in Gemma Gilbert’s blood.

The 28-year-old is the third generation of funeral directors in her family and helped out at the family business, Ivan Bramley Funeral Director, based in Mansfield, since she was a small child.

Following in the family footsteps was a natural career choice, and when the chance to become the proprieter of her own company recently arose, Gemma decided to go for it and is now in charge of Annesley and District Funeral Services on Kingsway, Kirkby.

Though often considered a morbid job, it is helping bereaved relatives and providing a good service that appeals to Gemma.

“It’s dealing with the people that I like, helping them through a difficult time,” she said.

Now that she owns her own company, Gemma will be more involved in every step of planning funerals and can of course call on the support of her dad Russ.

Ivan Bramley has always done work for Annesley and District, such as providing hearses for funerals, and so it was a good opportunity for Gemma when the business was put up for sale.

“She got married in Cyprus in September and when she came back decided to buy it,” said Russ.

“I think family funeral directors give a lot more to arranging a funeral - it’s a lot more personalised than some of the big companies coming in now.”

Gemma, who said it is ‘exciting but a little bit scary’ having her own business, can be contacted on 720101.