Gateway plans unveiled

Plans are being drawn up for a development which could see a large supermarket and new houses in Warsop.

The plans for a Gateway to Market Warsop on an 80-acre site off the A60 were revealed this week by the potential developers The Land Agent.

Mitchel Hunt, managing director said: This is very early in the project, but the main aim for this business is to bring a large commercial element forward as well as aspirational housing.

“This includes the large supermarket this location has desperately needed.

“The Land Agent is a local land business that’s principle aims is bringing land forward for development.

“We are a local business backed by local families.

“The site at Warsop has been carefully considered to hopefully get recognised by the council and therefore bringing investment.

“We feel Warsop has needed a flagship project of this size for the last 20 years.”

“As we look to release information on this land promotion project, we have been asked why is it called Gateway.

“We have called it this because we are looking to involve the station in this.

“We are looking to create a project then can directly feed into Market Warsop and therefore benefiting future generations to come.”

He said the company is looking at delivering the site in two phases.

Phase one will be looking to incorporate commercial, employment and housing.

Mr Hunt said: “We need to add the housing to make phase one viable.

“The site itself is accessed off a major A road, the A60. This is also serviced by public transport.

“The site also sits directly next to the old railway station, which is being earmarked to be reopened.

“However, the old station isn’t accessible by bus and we are working our master planning to aid all this.

“We are looking to engage with Mansfield District Council and bring this major site forward. The project needs the backing of the council, the local population and other key players to stand any chance of actually getting off the ground.”

“We will be releasing our vision in the coming weeks to alleviate any fears people have and people can follow us on social media.”