Gates set to close on Sutton yobs

SUTTON residents, whose lives have been blighted by anti-social behaviour, are set to see gates installed in some of the town’s trouble-hit alleyways.

Nottinghamshire County Council is today expected to rubberstamp a proposal for a Gating Order at a walkway between Bowne Street and Outram Street, along with another at Percival Close on the Carsic estate.

Both areas have experienced high levels of crime and anti-social behaviour - and if given the go-ahead, these gates would be closed 24 hours a day.

At Bowne Street, 15 incidents have been reported in the past 12 months. On one occasion, an estimated 40 youths gathered at the site, with some carrying wooden sticks.

This week, fed up householders said they were pleased action was being taken.

Stella Anne Smith said: “I’m having a lot of trouble. They throw bottles at the window, they urinate, they pass drugs - it’s a case of what don’t they do.

“I’ve lived here for 13 years and it’s got worse over the past five years. I’ve had to get all new fencing panels that they have kicked. I welcome this - the sooner the better.”

Her views were echoed by another resident Christine Fox.

She said: “You get rubbish and they always stand and urinate down the alleyway. They run up and down - you can hear them all night.”

But she also questioned how effective the gates would be.

“Are they going to climb over the gate and the fence? It’s got worse - you just close your curtains and hope for the best.

“Are they going to leave it closed all day? It would be better if it (the alleyway) wasn’t there in the first place.”

On Percival Close, police received 48 calls for incidents in the area over 12 months up to the end of October last year. Of these, 32 related to rowdy and inconsiderate behaviour.

CCTV has been tried at some of the properties - but masked youths threw paint over the windows. Criminals have also used the footpaths as an escape route when being pursued.

Resident Hayley Rimmer said that although she thought something needed to be done, she would rather see police patrols stepped up.

“It won’t stop them,” she said.

“A couple of weeks ago there was a burnt out scooter and we had to have the fire engines down. You get rats down there because there are always mattresses and household waste.

“I want to see more street lights here - I always take the main road.

“We do need more police round here because there are a lot of elderly people who live here.”

The council’s rights of way committee will make a decision at county hall today.