Gail accuses Gloria of glory-grabbing

Selston and Ashfield Ward Councillor Cllr Gail Turner
Selston and Ashfield Ward Councillor Cllr Gail Turner

A councillor has accused an MP of taking the credit for a school pavement improvement she says she had little to do with.

Independent councillor Gail Turner has slammed Gloria De Piero, claiming she is taking credit for a pavement widening at Westwood School, when she had done all the hard work herself.

The MP says she has been involved with the issue for more than 12 months.

In her column in last week’s Chad, the MP wrote:

“Result- last year I promised to help mums dads and grandparents who were campaigning to get the pavement widened outside Westwood School amid fears it was only a matter of time before a child was involved in a serious accident.

She said she had taken up their fight and written to council bosses, adding: “I’m pleased to say they listened and agreed to act.”

She said parents said were absolutely over the moon now the safety measures were in place and had invited her down to take a look for herself.

But Coun Turner told the Chad she had done the hard work in organising the pavement widening.

She said: “I organised for Highways to come and we assessed the problems and got a plan together. We had it all arranged over the February half-term holidays. I arranged meetings with the head of highways and parents.

“Now Gloria is half-claiming credit for this in her column.

“I made a speech about it in the County Council, I attended all the meetings - I never saw her at any one of those meetings or pacing the road to identify what the problems were. I am very disappointed she feels she needs to do this when all the hard work was done by the councillor. “I know she went along and had her photo taken. She may have written a letter but as far as all the work is concerned - I never saw her do any.”

Gloria De Piero said: “I know this has been an issue for parents and teachers in Westwood for far too long. Carol Rigby and her daughter Katrina King first raised it with me in February last year.

As soon as I was made aware of the problem I got straight on to it and I’ve been in contact with Nottinghamshire County Council and concerned parents throughout. When invited to visit to the school to take a look at the problem last May, I gladly did so. She added: “I have no doubt that Gail did her bit too and that they are grateful for that too but the most important thing for me is that the children are safe.”