G4S set to open children’s home in Mansfield

Homes2Inspire, owned by G4S, is set to open a children's home in Layton Avenue.
Homes2Inspire, owned by G4S, is set to open a children's home in Layton Avenue.

The world’s largest security firm, G4S is set to open a new children’s home in Mansfield.

Homes2Inspire, a subsidiary of the company, has been granted planning permission for a change of use at a property on Layton Avenue, where it hopes to accommodate up to five young people between the ages of 10 and 18.

The company is to register to provide accommodation for children and young people with social emotional and behavioural difficulties.

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G4S has attracted controversy around the handling of its children’s services after abused at one of its secure training facilities, although it is looking to sell Homes2Inspire.

And neighbours have criticised the Mansfield plan.

Julie Manero said: “I know these children need all the help they can get, but do companies like G4S actually care as to the area they intend to open these homes?

“I live very close to this property and quite frankly I feel uncomfortable at this idea.”

Dee Hill said: “I believe children’s homes are inhumane on every level, let alone one owned by this company.”

The firm said work is in motion for an asset management firm to purchase 7 Layton Avenue, which they would lease it from.

Paul Cook, Homes2Inspire managing director, said: “Once the lease agreement is compelte we anticipate that the property will require 9-12 weeks of refurbishment. We will then begin recruiting for the 14 staff and a manager who will provide round the clock care.”

Nottinghamshire County Council said there is a need for children’s homes, as the authority has a shortage of beds to place looked after children.