Fury over parking fine blunder

Portland Retail Park
Portland Retail Park

A FURIOUS motorist has blasted a parking company after being handed a fine- despite being parked elsewhere at the time.

Lynne James (58) who regularly visits Mansfield at weekends to shop, was hit with a £70 levy after parking her black BMW in the Portland Retail Park.

She arrived back within her free two-hour alloted time to find a ticket left on her windscreen.

It claimed her car was first observed entering the car park at 2.30pm, but a receipt she received from Tesco in her hometown of Hucknall, timed at 2.28pm, proves otherwise.

Having tried and failed to phone the firm responsible, Town and City Parking, Lynne and her husband Martin have since penned a letter demanding answers.

She said: “We were fuming because they are trying to con us out of this money.

“There’s no way we could have gone 10 miles in two minutes, we have a BMW, not a rocket!

“It makes you think, somebody needs to be looking into this. It could have happened to others and they might have no proof of where they were.

“I think £70 is a fair chunk of someone’s wages.

“We go to Mansfield often but its not put me off- it might have done had we had not got the receipt to prove where we are.”

Chad was able to contact Town and City Parking, who say they have now cancelled the fine and will look into how the mistake was made.

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