Fury over dirty needles on Mansfield path

Residents are upset after a trail of used syringes was left sprawled across a footpath on a Mansfield housing estate.

People living around West Hill Drive, off the A60 Chesterfield Road, were horrified to discover what appeared to be a hot-spot for intravenous drug use, with syringes and tissues scattered across the alleyway and melted plastic and foil lining the walls.

Resident Steven Yemm, aged 51, said he was concerned for the welfare of people passing through the area.

He said: “Every two steps, there are empty packets and bloody needles.

“It’s scary to think about the amount of things people can catch from them.

“People need to know there is a threat to children, pets and anybody else walking there.”

He said many neighbours in the area have also “had enough” of the problem.

He said: “It is the council’s responsibility to keep it tidy, so it needs to be done.”

Other neighbours were shocked by what they saw.

One passer-by, who declined to be named, said: “It’s looks like they’ve been cooking up and melted the tarmac. This has been a problem around here for years.”

Sergeant Andy Doran, of Nottinghamshire Police’s Mansfield east neighbourhood policing team, said the team were not aware of any current issues in the area.

He said: “We will increase patrols in the area which has been highlighted, to prevent any further issues.

“Any member of the public finding syringes or needles should contact the council immediately as these are a health and safety hazard.”

He warned anyone found in possession of a controlled drug could face arrest.

Mansfield District Council said it has now cleared up the nine boxes of needles and seven loose needles.

A council spokesman said a cleaning crew had also visited the area a month ago to remove needles.

He said enforcement officers patrol the area weekly and inform the cleaning service if it needs clearing.

Residents should report any similar activity to police on 101.