Fury at ‘senseless’ vandals

Richard Stringer with one of the broken windows.
Richard Stringer with one of the broken windows.

Two hairdressers have slammed vandals who smashed windows at their “well known” family business.

Stringer Hairdressers, which has been on Kirkby Road, Sutton since 1988, had both its front windows smashed by vandals.

Richard Stringer, aged 57, and his brother Kevin, who own the business, said the incident has been ‘upsetting.

They have been left needing to replace both shop windows, costing £320, which will leave them “out of pocket”.

Kevin, 62, has said he is willing to offer a reward for information if the person is willing to give the name of the possible vandal and a statement to Nottinghamshire Police.

Kevin, from Sutton, said: “It is really upsetting, we don’t need this. It’s senseless vandalism. It is awful that shops and businesses are targeted by vandals.

“It looks like a hammer blow which cracked the outer glass. We have to get them replaced.”

The hairdressers was originally on Leamington Drive, Sutton, when the family arrive into the area in the 80s.

The windows are believed to have been damaged in the early hours of Sunday, February, 4.

Kevin said: “It is a total upset and inconvenience,

“We’ve been here since 1988, we are well known and have a lovely clientele.

“It is looking to cost about £320 – they were nice-sized windows.

“My brother came in on Sunday and saw the windows.

“My father lives on the premises, but is quite deaf, so he didn’t hear anything.

“You work hard all of your life and this happens through no fault of your own.”

Kevin said the family are looking to pay for the window replacements out of their own pockets, so their insurance does not get affected.

He said: “With the excess, it would be on our insurance, it looks better to pay and be out of pocket than affect the insurance.”

Kevin has also said they will be putting up CCTV as soon as possible on the outside of the shop.

The company suffered an attempted break in a few years ago where someone broke the back door of the shop, but they were deterred by the alarm.

Kevin said: “Our alarms are really very safe – last time the person only stole a bottle of pop but the door cost us £80 to fix.”

A Nottinghamshire Police spokeswoman said: “ We were called at 3.40pm on Sunday, February 4, with the report of criminal damage at the hairdressers.

“We received reports the front windows were smashed.

“Anyone with information should call police on 101.”

quoting incident 542 of February, 4.”