Fundraisers get on their bike for Breathe Easy

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Health professionals and their family and friends completed a gruelling three hour spin session to raise funds for Mansfield and Ashfield’s Breathe Easy group.

The group, which provides support and information to people affected by a lung disease, have been working hard to fundraise in order to set up an exercise class for people affected by respiratory illness.

The aim of the class would be to enable people to continue exercising after finishing a course of pulmonary rehabilitation.

Peter Burrows member of Breathe Easy Mansfield and Ashfield, said: “There are so many positives that come out of a fitness class for people affected by lung disease.

“If we gave each one a colour we’d have a fantastic rainbow, the end of our rainbow isn’t a pot of gold, it’s a better quality of life for all.”

Sally Chapman is a respiratory technical instructor who organised the event. She said: “Exercise is really important for anyone. I used to run three COPD exercise classes in Ashfield that helped to keep people fitter, well and out of hospital .

“It’s only fair that the people of Mansfield have access to the same thing and that’s why we decided to support the group in setting up their Breathe Easy Exercise Class.”