Fundraiser Frances Stein unveiled as Kirkby Rotary Club’s first ever female president

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A FUNDRAISER, who has helped generate millions of pounds for King’s Mill Hospital, is looking forward to her new role as the first female president of Kirkby Rotary Club.

Frances Stein MBE, who is well-known in Mansfield and Ashfield for helping to raise £3million for the hospital, says she wants to build on the club’s success in the coming year.

She says: “It’s a small club but it’s very active. It’s a very happy club, a very successful club.

“Our aim is to work with the community to help wherever possible both locally, nationally and internationally.”

“I want to expand membership and to work on community projects.”

Frances was Chairman of the King’s Mill Charitable Appeals Trust and worked with the hospital to fund the Women and Children’s Centre, a scanner and breast screening unit along with countless other projects.

She was awarded the MBE in 1996 in recognition for her work at King’s Mill.

Frances has praised the community for helping to fund these vital services.

“We had lots of different things - sponsored balloon rides, people have had their hair shaved off. It was a cross section of the community.

“It’s a very generous area and even children would donate. One little boy gave his 50p from the tooth fairy.

“A lot of big organisations helped as well as local businesses. It was very much a community project.”

For details on Kirkby Rotary Club call Mansfield 456389 or visit rotary1220org.