Full list of Mansfield, Ashfield and Sherwood parliamentary candidates

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Candidates are gearing up for the fight ahead of this June’s snap general election, but who will be on the ballot paper in your area?

A full list of the parliamentary candidates for Mansfield Ashfield and Sherwood has now been released.


Ben Bradley: Conservative

Alan Meale: Labour

Sid Pepper: UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Anita Prabhakar: Liberal Democrat

Philip Shields: Independent


Bob Charlesworth: Liberal Democrat

Gloria de Piero: Labour Party

Tony Harper: Conservative Party

Arran Rangi: Green Party

Gail Turner:Ashfield Independents Putting People Before Politics

Ray Young UK Independence Party (UKIP)

The Sherwood candidates are as follows:

Stuart James Bestwick: UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Mo Findley: The Green Party

Mike Pringle: Labour Party

Mark Steven Spencer: The Conservative Party

Becky Thomas: Liberal Democrats