Fuel-ish error by supermarket sign-writers

The road marking pointing towards the Sainsbury's "petrel" station. Picture: Deborah Kelly.
The road marking pointing towards the Sainsbury's "petrel" station. Picture: Deborah Kelly.

Workmen got mixed up when they wrongly spelled a word in huge white letters in the road markings at a supermarket.

The error at the Sainsbury’s supermarket in Doncaster meant the road markings were directing drivers towards “petrel” instead of petrol.

The freshly painted road marking at the Sainsbury’s branch in Edenthorpe was spotted yesterday morning and posted on social media – and the supermarket giant has been mocked on social media for the mistake.

As drivers exit the Thorne Road store’s car park, they are met with a sign, painted on the road in white which reads ‘PETREL’ rather than ‘petrol’.

Twitter user @DrMuttley tweeted a picture of the blunder, taken by Deborah Kelly with the message: “Seabirds straight ahead.”

Petrels are a type of seabird commonly found around the British coast. The supermarket car park has been undergoing renovations in recent weeks.

A Sainsbury’s spokeswoman said: “We’re aware of this and correcting the mistake.”

Readers have already given their reaction to the blunder.

Colt Seavers said: “Should have been Fuel anyway, clear discrimination against diesel drivers”

Pat Renham-Teale added on Facebook: “Should not laugh but it’s funny.”

It is not the first time a misspelling has caught the attention in a high-profile location in Doncaster.

Penistone Street, near Doncaster town centre, hit the headlines in 2007 when it emerged there were two spellings of the street name at either end of the road.

The sign on the wall at one of the road read Penistone Street, while the sign at the other end told residents it was Pennistone Street.

Long-term resident Elsie MacMillan said at the time the correct spelling of the street should be Penistone Street.