Frost-jackers warning to motorists

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POLICE are advising motorists across Derbyshire not to leave their vehicles unattended while defrosting.

Drivers should be on their guard against so called ‘frost-jackers’ as the temperatures start to drop to prevent unnecessary thefts.

In recent years a number of cars left unattended with the ignition running while windscreens are defrosting have been stolen.

Community Safety Inspector Dave Stone said: “The weather doesn’t matter to a criminal; in fact they can use it to their advantage.

“Last winter we had a number of thefts where owners left cars unattended with the keys in the ignition whilst defrosting the windscreens only to find their vehicle had been stolen on their return.

“Thieves work their way around estates looking for an opportunity like this to steal the vehicles. Please don’t get caught out this year and make sure you don’t leave your vehicle unattended.”