Frontline staff are the real experts

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It appeared as if Chad letters (12th March) were from politicians bemoaning loss of money they are having to budget with due to the spiteful attitude Central Government has for anyway outside of London and the Home Counties.

There’s no shortage of ‘political’ contributors or opinions of how our taxpayers’ money could be used in better ways.

All are worthy of bringing to our notice.

When it comes to the issues like losing jobs with the ‘unintentional consequences’ of services being stretched beyond a reasonable expectation of still providing a good service, the loss of money to the local economy by those who will be ‘sacked’ (that’s a word not popular with politicians) and the catastrophic impact on those families affected, wouldn’t it be better to talk to those working on the frontline delivering those services how it could be done to keep those jobs?

Fifty percent plus of those service deliverers are women and used to budgeting scare money because of low pay.

They are the experts not the costly advisory consultants that have become a large and profitable ‘industry’ in recent years.

All our service providers pay their taxes (P.A.Y.E.).

We get the impression in general that the more you earn (banker’s bonuses?) the more you can squirrel away in tax avoidance schemes, another profitable ‘industry?’.

So I have been able to moan about the content of the letters but the issues like zero contracts raised by Sir Alan Meale, the perceived wastage of some council tax money and the unhelpful decision taken by one man that will make it difficult for constituents to pay their dues by closing the pay counter at the Civic Centre but also those letters in praise of the NHS and our charity organisers are important.

It looks like we may need an extended letters page Mr Editor. What do you think readers?

Mrs J. Cocking