From loo rolls to bread rolls...plans to convert old toilet into sandwich shop

The old toilet block on St John Street.
The old toilet block on St John Street.

An abandoned public toilet near Mansfield town centre could soon be flush with customers after plans were submitted to transform it into a sandwich bar.

The boarded-up convenience on the corner of St John Street and Westgate is the subject of a planning application to be considered by Mansfield District Council.

The single-storey flat-roof building was used a public toilet since it was built in the 1950s or 60s, but was closed in 2008 under a cloud of controversy and has remained vacant ever since.

The closure was part of a cost-cutting measure by the council, which proved an unpopular decision among some councillors, and elderly members of the public who even launched a petition to keep it open.

However, there were allegations that the toilets were being used by ‘hardcore’ drug users prior to their closure, and that the council had planned to invest heavily in the town centre public toilets.

As part of the rejuvenation plans, the building - which is not listed - will be divided into a sandwich bar and bistro-style cafe, with one section providing a separate retail unit.

The plans have been submitted by Mansfield-based company French Designs, based on Southwell Road West.

As part of a statement submitted to the planning department on behalf of the applicant, it reads: “The quality of the alterations would without doubt enhance the immediate area and provide a beneficial facility for the community and the adjacent pedestrian area of Westgate.”

Potential menu for a sandwich bar:

- Smokey basin

- Sweet and sewer chicken

- Sanitation chicken

- Ham boguette

- Hoisin toilet duck

- Armitage ham shanks

- Poo-lled pork

- Tuna Pee-nini

- Singapong noodles

- Reek-style yoghurt

- Hand-dried sea bass