Friend killed on stag night

Scott Humphrey
Scott Humphrey

A Bestwood Park man who had been out on a stag do has today been jailed for the manslaughter of his friend.

Scott Humphrey (26) of Queens Bower Road, got into an argument with Richard Rovetto, after returning in a taxi from a stag do in Mansfield, around 2am on Sunday 27th July.

Richard, a father of one, 29, of Stanhope Crescent, Arnold, was punched and fell to the floor, sustaining a serious head injury.

He later died at the Queen’s Medical Centre.

Humphrey pleaded guilty to manslaughter on 18 August, and has today been sentenced to four years and four months.

DCI Rob Griffin, who led the investigation, said: “Over the last few years we have seen incidents where violent acts have resulted in serious injury or like this case, where someone has lost their life from something that happened in a minute or less.

“Humphrey has devastated the lives of Richard’s family and he has also changed his own life forever by what he has done. By striking out and causing Richard to fall and hit his head, the tragic consequences of that night have affected many people.

“Richard’s family may not have to go through the ordeal of a trial due to Humphrey’s early admission of guilt, but they have to somehow learn to cope without him. Violence never solves anything, and this is a prime example where it ruins the lives of many by taking the life of one.”