Free wifi blamed for youth nuisance

The Co-Op on High Street Warsop. Pic by Google.
The Co-Op on High Street Warsop. Pic by Google.

Youths are making people’s lives a misery in Warsop by taking advantage of free wifi.

Unruly youngsters have been connecting their phones to the Internet outside the Co-Op and causing a nuisance, say police.

A meeting of Warsop Parish Council on Monday (November 19) heard there was concern about anti-social behaviour caused by youths congregating near the CoOp. There was a problem with children age from around 9-16.

Addressing councillors, Pc Kevin Parsons said: “We have had many nuisance calls about anti-social behaviour on the High Street and around the Co-Op.

“It is a massive issue for me.

“The Co-op are complaining about the issue of children outside .

“We have requested that they turn their public wifi off.

“That’s the reason they are congregating outside to use their free wifi and use their data - they say they are still looking at it.

“It’s across the board and they put it in for public use.

“There is not much we can do if they don’t help themselves.

He added that he had been diverted at weekends to deal with other issues: “We have been into Meden School and make regular contact to talk around the issues of anti-social behaviour with them

“I would say a lot of it is caused by boredom.”

Councillor John Kerr said the presence of police was usually effective when dealing with youth nuisance.

He said: ”I saw a police car driving up the High Street and I’ve never seen kids disperse as quick in my life. They scattered everywhere.”