Free Spiderman cake for a good cause in Sutton

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Could this sugary super hero save your day?

Sutton cake maker Lynne Osbourne is looking for a home for a Spiderman cake, which she was unable to deliver today after an order fell through.

Lynne who runs her own cake delivery service Wheelie Good Cakes said: “This chocolate cake was ordered today for a party for a three-year-old and they cannot afford it.

Please help me find a worthy cause or community event to donate it to.

“If you know anyone in the Sutton area who would appreciate it for a garden party or a school holiday event I am willing to donate it free.”

The cake measures 14x9ins and is 3ins deep. It is a chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream and chocolate Ganasche around it.

Lynne 65, has been designing cakes and delivering them since she retired as nurse.

She said; “We can do any design and super heroes are very popular.”

She added: “It will be good for over the weekend but I’ll have to get rid of him otherwise.”

Contact Lynne on 07855083058.