‘Free money’ ATM was ‘probably loaded wrong’

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A bank has said that an ATM that was giving out ‘free money’ was probably loaded wrong.

Lloyds confirmed that there had been an error with their cashpoint on Mansfield Woodhouse’s High Street on Monday.

Police were alerted after huge queues formed at the hole-in-the-wall, with reports that up to 60 people were waiting at one point as word spread that the machine was dispensing double what users were requesting.

Lloyds employees then turned up to shut the machine down, before launching an investigation.

A spokesman for the bank said: “There was an error on the machine but at this moment can’t say what it was. It looks like it was loaded incorrectly, but as soon as we were aware we closed it off.”

There were no details as to how much money had been incorrectly dispensed, and Lloyds were unable to confirm if those who withdrew the cash would be made to pay it back, although they said they would be investigating.