Free garden waste service in Amber Valley

Green fingered residents in Amber Valley will have their garden waste collected for free by the Borough Council from April next year.

They are being urged to order a standard sized wheeled bin from the Council before 17th December to secure delivery in time for the start of the new service. Each bin costs just £20 but this will be a one-off payment to cover its delivery.

There will be no other charges for the new collection service.

The free collection service will run throughout the year, except during the winter months of December, January and February, and help get rid of dead flowers and plants, garden weeds, grass cuttings, hedge trimmings, leaves and small twigs and branches. The service being provided to 45,000 households will cost the council around £660,000 per year.

Residents are already witnessing the start-up of the improved recycling service, which starts on 19th November, as the new wheeled bins are delivered to each address. A waste collection and recycling calendar for the next twelve months is also about to be delivered and this will contain more details about how to order a garden waste bin.

Residents who have been subscribing £40 per year for a garden waste service over the last few years, and therefore already have a wheeled bin, will not be asked to pay a delivery charge, and they will receive the free collection service.

The provision of a free garden waste service was identified during consultations carried out at the beginning of the year. The small charge of £20 will allow the Council to buy and deliver the necessary bins to meet this need at a time when other councils across the country are introducing collection charges for such services.