Former wedding photographer and limousines boss Ian Oscroft has died, aged 54

Ian Oscroft.
Ian Oscroft.

Mansfield Woodhouse resident Mr Ian Oscroft, aged 54, of Arun Dale, was cremated at Mansfield Crematorium on December 21, 2017, and his ashes were later burial at Warsop Cemetery.

Born at King’s Mill Hospital, Sutton, and a lifelong resident of Mansfield, Forest Town and Mansfield Woodhouse, Ian worked at Blackton Ford and Hammonds Motor Group.

In 1995, he became a self-employed wedding photographer and had a fleet of wedding limousines working together with his wife Jane. He photographed his last wedding in 2006 and then sold secondhand prestige cars until his illness was diagnosed in February 2016.

He enjoyed cruises, holidays in caravan, fishing, flying model aircraft, clay pigeon shooting, spending time with family, grandchildren and dogs.

Ian, who passed away at home on December 12, 2017, leaves his wife Jane, sons Thomas and Matthew, and two grandchildren.

Mourners were Mrs J. Oscroft, Mr T. Oscroft, Mr M. Oscroft; Miss L. North (rep Joseph and Isabella), Miss M. Wheat, Mr M. Oscroft, Ms A. Reeve, Mr D. Howarth, Miss S. Howarth, Mr C. Holmes, Mr Ryan Oscroft, Mr Reece Oscroft, Mr C. Blaney, Ms J. Davis, Mr and Mrs A. Clarke and James; Mrs S. Vincent (rep A. Vincent); Mrs V. Thompson (rep Woolworths), Mr and Mrs Dring; Mr and Mrs McDonald (rep Kirkby Lodge), Mr and Mrs C. Wheat, Mr S. and K. Robinson, Mr D. Knibbs; Mrs K. Butler (rep J. Butler), Mr and Mrs A. Makings and C. and G. Makings, Mr M. and Mrs J. Whittaker and H. and A. Whittaker; Mr B. and Mrs V. Gascoigne (rep Mansfield Model Flying Club), Mr D. Hufton, Mr M. and Mrs S. Denison, Mr D. Jenkins, Mr P. Shipley, Miss J. Jackson, Mr T. Shaw Brown, Mrs L. Baxter, Mr R. Baxter, Mr B. Smith, Miss B. Piper, Mr D. Straw, Miss N. Bourn, Mrs L. Nottingham, Mrs M. Rowbotham, Mr and Mrs A. Cummings and family, Mr S. and Mrs N. Giles, Mrs E. Brooke, Miss C. Brooke, Mrs J. Gregory; Miss J. Robinson (rep Mrs P. Robinson); Mrs K. Earnshaw (rep Mr D. Robinson), Mr G. and Mrs A. Young; Mr D. and Mrs P. Smith (rep Kevin), Mrs K. Collier, Mrs K. Robinson, Mr D. Sheppard, Mr A. Partington, Mr S. Faulkner, Mr R. Faulkner, Mrs J. Orridge, Mr M. and Mrs K. Pearce; Mr and Mrs S. Shaw Browne (rep Mr and Mrs B. Shaw Browne), Mr P. Bostrom; Mr K. Pattison (rep Mansfield & District Flying Club); Mrs G. Straw and Mrs T. Stent (rep Orchard Medical Practice); Mrs N. Wardle (rep M. Hughes), Mrs J. Dancer, Mr M. Brown, Miss S. Wheat, Mrs S. Faulkner, Mrs B. Kelly, Mr D. Dale, Mr D. Blaney, Mr I. Hawkins, Miss J. Spencer, Mr G. Hinchliffe, Mr R. Britton, Mr P. Longdon; Mr J. and Mrs E. Wright (rep Wrights Garage), Mrs E. Wright, Mrs K. Wheatley; Mr A. Mills (rep Mansfield & District Flying Club), Mr D. Walker, Mr A. Blaney, Mrs M. Temperton, Miss L. Temperton, Mr K. Stray, Mr G. Allen; Mrs J. Sparrow (rep Mr J. Sparrow and Mrs A. Mitchell), Mrs C. Cooke, Mrs C. Temperton; Mr J. Stirland (rep Bridget, Liam and Kate), Miss A. Bennett, Mr R. and Mrs K. Nuttall, Mr and Mrs K. Newbury, Mrs J. Keep, Mr M. Keep, Mrs C. Burton, Mrs C. Walker; Mrs A.M. Shorthouse (rep Kevin, Kylie and Liam), Mr and Mrs D. Maskery, Mr M. Maskery, Mr L. Maskery, Mr and Mrs A. Hewitt, Mr P. Eley, Miss D. Jordan, Mr S. Palmer, Miss L. Denny, Mrs V. Nutall, Mrs M. Wheat; Mr and Mrs D. Rimmington (rep B. and J. Smith), Miss L. Rimmington, Mr D. McGee; Mr I. and Mrs L. Haynes (rep Forest Town Car Sales), Nigel, Mr M. and Mrs K. Hurst, Mr D. Lee, Mr T. Evans, Mr G. Towers, Mr H. and Mrs S. Bramley, Mr J. Thompson, Mr D. Howarth, Mr M. Howell, Miss J. Toole, Mrs B. Vernon, Mr M. Temperton.

Representing Four Seasons were Mrs R. O’Neill, Mr D. Green, Mr C. Greenhill.

Floral tributes were from family and donations received in lieu of flowers raised £374 for Guide Dogs for the Blind and £464 for the British Heart Foundation.

The lovely service was conducted by Helen Curzon and arrangements were by WS Ingham & Son.