Former Pleasley farmhand grabbed womens’ breasts and exposed himself, court told

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A FARM labourer has gone on trial accused of sexually molesting a string of women.

It is alleged Alan Jevons (24) grabbed their bottoms, pulled up their tops to expose their breasts and in some cases exposed himself to them.

A jury at Nottingham Crown Court were told six women were involved over a period of five years up to last year.

It was claimed Jevons stuffed £20 down the bra of one of the women. The jury were told he exposed himself and had a tape measure which he asked the woman to use on him.

Jevons, formerly of Crompton Road, Pleasley, and living for a time in Nether Langwith, is also accused of twice raping another woman he knew.

He pleaded not guilty to a total of 22 counts.

Grace Hale, prosecuting, told the jury: “It is precisely because none of the women told on him that he carried on boldly sexually assaulting these women and getting satisfaction from it.”

But last June the police became involved. It was alleged he had pulled one woman onto him and pinched her bottom.

“Enough was enough,” said Mrs Hale. “She told her husband and rang a friend who was a police officer.”

The woman made a complaint and Jevons was arrested.

Mrs Hale said: “He was harassing these women and could be intimidating and aggressive when he was angry with them.”

One alleged victim, aged 18 or 19 at the time, said she was shocked and frightened and shoved Jevons off.

She felt unable to tell her boyfriend.

When interviewed by the police Jevons said he did nothing sexual and the women had ganged up on him.

He denied the rape allegations and said intercourse had been consensual.

The trial continues.