Former Lib Dem councillor will now serve as an independent

A SUTTON councillor has announced she will no longer serve as a Liberal Democrat and instead become an independent member of Ashfield District Council.

Coun Margaret Ann Patrick, who represents Sutton North along with Lib Democrat pair Jason Zadrozny and Tom Hollis, will now be a non-adopted Independent councillor.

In a letter to Chad, she said that despite being a member of the Liberal Democrat party for almost 50 years, she needed to distance herself.

She cited ‘issues that had arisen in Central Government and closer to home’ as reasons for her move - but has declined to elaborate further.

Her letter also stated: “I would like to reassure all who reside in the Sutton North ward that I will continue to work dutifully and to the best of my ability as a non-adopted Independent councillor, which I have opted to be, for the people, the ward and Ashfield District Council.

“I will be very happy to continue working alongside Coun Zadrozny and Coun Hollis for the good of the ward and hope that you will be pleased to support my decision.”

Liberal Democrat leader Jason Zadrozny paid tribute to her work.

He said: “Ann is a very good councillor and I am disappointed that she has left.

“I know we will remain close friends and will all work in the best interests of Sutton North.”

There are now four Liberal Democrats on the council. In the summer, Coun Robert Sears-Piccavey also announced he was leaving the Lib Dems to become an independent member.