Former Kirkby woman gets new identity after fight to find out who she really

A FORMER Kirkby woman who has never officially existed is celebrating after she collected her birth certificate on Monday.

Known for many years as Jane Doe, Barbara Shaw (88), who now lives in Bulwell near Nottingham, was born in 1923 - but in 1967, she found out that there was no record of her birth.

She grew up with the name Barbara Shaw but changed her name to Jane Doe at the age of 83.

Now she will go back to the name of Barbara Shaw after she received what appears to be her original birth certificate with that name on it from Nottingham City Council.

It is believed that Barbara was adopted or even kidnapped when she was four-years-old.

She has spent much of her adult life trying to trace her official documents and her identity.

But now after a long battle to discover her true identity, she has her birth certificate and is able to look forward to her future with partner Cyril Clements - known as Clem.

On Monday, Clem said: “She is an incredible woman. What has happened to her is so soul-destroying - you have got to live it or live with it to realise what she is going through.”

Clem has documented Barbara’s experiences in a book called The Woman Who Never Was and he is now writing an epilogue about finally getting the birth certificate to complete Barbara’s extraordinary tale.

As a result of Barbara’s identity crisis, she and Clem have never had an official marriage - or so they thought until this week.

The couple have discovered a marriage certificate from 1991 bearing the name Barbara Shaw which is the same as her birth certificate.

Clem has described the battle to secure Barbara’s official identity as a ‘long, hard uphill struggle’.

But he added: “We have got bright days ahead. We will go with their version of the birth certificate and we will say that’s the end of that chapter.”

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