Former Eazi-Move boss involved with new property company in Kirkby

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THE former boss of an estate agents, which is believed to owe customers thousands of pounds following its closure, is involved with a new business, Chad can exclusively reveal.

More than 30 people contacted Chad claiming they were out of pocket after dealings with Eazi-Move and former owner Dawn Broome.

Eazi-Move had offices in Rainworth, Mansfield Woodhouse and Kirkby, which have all closed. The company is being investigated by police and trading standards after landlords say rent wasn’t passed on, tenants claim their deposits have not been returned and tradesmen haven’t been paid for work. Eazi-Move boss Dawn Broome was declared bankrupt last year with the company claiming she had nothing to with the business in the months before it closed.

However, the bankruptcy was discharged on 13th March, leaving her free to set up new businesses.

Near and Far Properties in Lowmoor Road, Kirkby, has recently opened and the company’s website address is registered to Dawn and Scott Broome. The company is advertising properties to rent in Greece.

The revelation comes as former Eazi-Move customers continue to contact Chad with money-loss stories involving Ms Broome.

David Turner, who runs Dave’s Independent MOT Test Centre, off Southwell Road West, claims he is owed about £5,000 after renting his home out to Ms Broome.

Mr Turner contacted Eazi-Move to rent out his property in Keyworth Drive, Forest Town, in September 2011.

But Ms Broome asked if she could rent it herself and moved in shortly afterwards.

Mr Turner said: “I never saw any of the paperwork. For the first year she paid the rent but the last payment I received was October last year. She moved out this month.

“She kept telling me she would sort it out but I’ve not received anything. That’s six months rent she owes me.”

Mr Turner added how his heart sank when he went into the property after Ms Broome moved out claiming there was at least £1,500 of repairs needed.

He said: “The frontdoor is damaged, there’s holes in the walls, everything in the bathroom is broken, the garage door is broken, the carpet is ruined, it’s in a terrible state.

“I phoned her and she told me she would re-decorate and pay what she owes me. I think she is being very smart about it rather than saying she has no intention of paying.

“I’ve written off the money but I just don’t want something similar to happen to anyone else.

“It’s so frustrating that the police and trading standards don’t seem able to do anything about it.”

A spokesman from Nottinghamshire Police said the matter is still being investigated by PC Steve Owen. People can report their concerns by calling 101.

Sarah Houlton, trading standards manager at the county council, said: “We are continuing to look into this issue, which involves liaising with police colleagues who are carrying out their own investigation.”

To report consumer issues call the Citizen’s Advice Consumer Service on 08454 040506.

Chad visited Near and Far Properties which has an ‘opening soon’ sign with a phone number for enquiries. Numerous unsuccessful attempts have been made to contact the company, and Dawn Broome, by phone, email and social media.