Forest Town residents’ fury over booze-fuelled kids

Forest Town, gennel along side of Almond Rise, over 50 cider bottles, wine bottles, beer can's and clothing .
Forest Town, gennel along side of Almond Rise, over 50 cider bottles, wine bottles, beer can's and clothing .

NEIGHBOURS on a Forest Town street say gangs of yobs are boozing late into the night and leaving piles of empty bottles just yards from their doorsteps.

Unhappy residents spoke out about groups of teenagers getting drunk on cheap cider in an alleyway which runs off Almond Rise, saying they are disturbing homeowners on weekend nights on a regular basis.

The news came a week after Chad highlighted the problems of underage drinking in schools.

One neighbour, who has asked not to be named, says that noisy youths are littering nearby gennels with empty beer, cider and wine bottles and damaging nearby property late at night.

“We’ve had the problem for four or five years now, it got better when (Mansfield MP) Alan Meale got involved but it has got worse again,” he said.

“It’s mainly the weekend when there is a problem but the alleyway is full of bottles, there were about 72 there the last time I checked.

“These kids are putting a lot of drink away and must be coming home steaming drunk. If I had been that drunk at that age, my dad would have known about it.

“I can’t understand it, I work shifts and see gangs of youths hanging about at two or three in the morning, it’s ridiculous but I think it’s just the way things are these days.

The neighbour says his partner’s car has been broken into on more than one occasion and other residents are growing tired of the problems.

Several Mansfield residents have contacted us this week to discuss the issue of underage drinking and anti-social behaviour in their areas this week.

Warsop resident Nancy Bailey says that the problems have worsened with the greater variety of alcoholic drinks available.

“The drink company manufacturers are targeting young people by making these drinks taste like soft pop drinks, they are absolutely beautiful,” she said.

“They need to ban these shot drinks and alcoholic pop drinks and only then will things get better, they need to get these things off the shelves straight away.

“In Warsop they go around the BMX track near The Carrs and leave bottles and pizza boxes down there.”