Forest Town man vows to stand up to racism after assault

Zack Jenkins suffered a scar on his nose after being beaten up.
Zack Jenkins suffered a scar on his nose after being beaten up.

A FOREST Town man who claims he was the victim of a nasty racist assault has vowed to stand-up to discrimination.

Zack Jenkins said he was surrounded by 15 men who racially abused him before punching and kicking him to the ground.

The 24-year-old was left with cuts to his face and nose following the incident in November last year and has been off work with anxiety.

But the dad-of-three wants to highlight the issue and show his attackers he is not afraid.

He said: “I’d been out to watch the bonfire at Clipstone Welfare and as I was leaving I was surrounded by 15 lads.

“I got away from them at first, but they caught up with me again. One of them said ‘I’ve seen you walking to the shop, I don’t like you black boy’.

“I got hit by someone with his arm in a cast and got stamped on. Police were called and I went to hospital with lacerations to my face and nose.”

Zack claims he has never been the victim of a racist assault before and although it is a small minority of people, he thinks racism is still an issue in the town.

He added: “I want to highlight this racism, me and my partner are thinking about starting a campaign.

“I’ve lived with my granddad in Mansfield Woodhouse and we weren’t victims of racism at all.

“I’ve been off work with anxiety, but I want to stand up to this sort of thing.”

A spokesman from Nottinghamshire Police confirmed two people were arrested on suspicion of assault and causing grievous bodily harm following the incident on 5th November .

Both men aged 21 and 22 have been bailed pending further enquiries.